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Construction Value:

Design new 2000KVA Transformer and 750 Ton cooling/11,200MBH Heating systems for a 350,000 sf high school complex.
The project requires design of renovations to the existing 1920's architecturally -significant landmark-designated 1700-student high school and two new classroom additions meeting the requirements of the Aircraft Noise Abatement Program sponsored by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and the Federal Aviation Administration.

A&J is designing upgrades to existing electrical mechanical and plumbing systems and new MEP systems for the two additions.

A multi-disciplined team surveyed and measured the multi-story school building located in the flight path of the Newark International Airport. The existing windows and unit ventilators in over 100 instructional rooms on all floors were replaced with acoustic operable windows and VAV Boxes. The design includes two new Gas fired Absorption Chillers to provide both chilled water and hot water. Each has capacity of 375 Tons cooling and 5600 MBH heating. These upgrades brought the existing building up to current building code standards.

New 2000 KVA Transformer rate at 13.2 KV primary and 480/779 Volts secondary was designed to power new addition and added mechanical equipment. A new 750 KVA transformer was also designed to back feed the existing 208/120 Volt distribution system.

Consultant for 1 MW Photo Voltaic Array Design
A & J was retained by the Kearny Board of Education as Consultant for 1 MW Photovoltaic (PV) Arrays for eight schools in Kearny, New Jersey. A total of 28 Arrays were evaluated based on efficiency with reference to proposed layout, cost of the total installation and availability of the PV Modules and Inverters. RWE Schott 300 Watt, 5-degree tilt Modules were selected. The layout provided 8.0 WDC per square foot connected into the utility grid. The total cost of construction of $4.3 million was paid in full by the Board of Public Utilities (BPU) and the New Jersey School Construction Corporation (NJSCC).