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Construction Value:

The project involves the full renovation of an existing 192,000 SF, 5-Story historic Building. The renovated spaces include Laboratory, Academic Spaces, Auditorium, Cafeteria, Gymnasium, Swimming Pool, and other Student Spaces. The project is designed to achieve LEED CI - Gold.
The Building is ideally suited to become a new academic center for NJIT's campus where visitors as well as students and faculty can exchange ideas.

A&J has completed the design for a new HVAC System that will be efficient and sustainable. The System will have lower operating costs compared to industry benchmarks. New Chillers will have Ultra-efficient, state-of-the-art magnetic bearing type compressors; the Heating Plant will have high efficiency Condensing Boilers; New Air Handling System will be high-efficiency type with variable air flow; and Smart Building Controls will integrate and operate all the Systems at their optimal peak efficiency.

A new 4000-Amp electric service with utility transformers in underground vaults will be provided for the Building.

Third and Fourth floor of the Building will have new Research and Teaching Laboratory. Plumbing System design for Labs include compressed air system, vacuum system, Type III-RO Water, Type I reagent grade water, Acid waste distribution system and Acid neutralizing system. Laboratories will have VAV type Fume hoods with state of the art HVAC controls to maintain proper air distribution and pressure for each Lab space.