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Construction Value:

Develop recommendations for storm-proofing and hardening NYCHA sites (Gravesend, Surfside, O'Dwyer and Haber Houses.)
A&J designed new elevated central heating plants and new electrical switchgear rooms to withstand the effects of a future storm at our 4 NYCHA sites. We designed 25% design drawings, documented the damage of existing building systems, developed cost estimates, and specified the new replacement equipment.

- Gravesend Houses in Brooklyn has fifteen, 7-story buildings with 634 apartments housing some 1,680 residents.
- Surfside Gardens in Brooklyn has five buildings, 14 and 15-stories tall with 597 apartments housing about 1,308 people.
- Mayor William O'Dwyer Gardens in Brooklyn has six buildings, 15 and 16-stories high with 573 apartments housing an estimated 1,059 residents.
- Bernard Haber Houses in Coney Island, Brooklyn is exclusively for seniors and has three, 14-story buildings with 380 apartments housing some 455 residents.