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115 KW Photovoltaic System on roof of Bldg. 170
Wyeth was replacing existing roof on Building 170. Wyeth hired the services of A&J Consulting Engineering Services, P.C. to develop a feasibility study for installing Photovoltaic (PV) System on the roof of Building 170. A&J Consulting reviewed the current power consumption, prepared a lay-out for the maximum possible PV Array on the roof ,prepared cost estimate and a conceptual design for the new PV system. It was established that the maximum capacity of PV system that can be installed on the roof of Building 170 was 115.2 kW. The estimated cost of 115.2 kW DC PV system is $664,000 after NYSERDA’s incentive of $200,000.

The advantage of installing the largest PV system lies in the fact thatWyeth can get recognition of being in the forefront of using a clean renewable energy system. The System is environmentally friendly and would save close to 200,000 pounds of CO2 emission and 200 pounds of NOX emission per year.